Build a new brand based on integrity and expertise.

Lemon Family Dental is a locally owned and operated dental practice with locations in Aberdeen and Olympia. Dr. Lemon in expanding his practice to the Olympia area, needed a new brand and website to announce the expansion. Like many small to medium-sized businesses, Dr. Lemon was aware that there are many do-it-yourself website opportunities. Additionally, there is a web design industry dedicated to creating websites that cater exclusively to dental practices. Dr. Lemon and his team were not interested in a cookie-cutter approach to their brand or their website.

Dentistry, like law, doctors offices and many other professional services, is a highly competitive industry.  Attaining and maintaining customers can be very expensive. Additionally, locally-owned and operated practices have seen even more competition from large dental chains that promise cheap service.


  • Brand Development
  • Naming
  • Logo Development
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Collateral Development
  • Marketing Consulting


Percussive Design was tasked with building the brand from the ground up. This meant developing a new name for the practice, developing an accompanying tagline and of course colors, fonts and imagery to support the new brand and website launch.

The key to our success with Dr. Lemon and his team was developing a close-knit relationship with Dr. Lemon and his wife, Patty. Collaborating with them over a series of investigative meetings gave us a really clear picture of how they wanted to be represented to their patients, their staff and their local communities.

Once the brand was developed we were able to leverage those assets for use on the website and everywhere else the brand would be presented. We created and branded their social media profiles on Facebook, Yelp and Google+ and we designed a custom website that reflected their unique services and approach to dentistry.

The result is a fresh modern website that they can easily update as they add services and staff members. Additionally, they can use the brand assets created by Percussive Design to reach out and interact with their local communities on through social media.


  • Hometown feel
  • Unparalleled commitment to modern dental practices
  • Family friendly
  • Community focused



The two-pronged approach to creating Dr. Lemon’s brand was to merge hometown dentistry with his commitment to using the most modern dental practices available. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that the brand, accompanying website, and collateral did not look corporate or like they were slapped together using a dental website template. The end result is an approachable, light-hearted brand designed to make patients feel at ease and to signal to the community that Dr. Lemon and his staff are committed to living, working and supporting the cities they serve.




The logo, name and colors were meticulously chosen. Since Dr. Lemon was expanding he did not want to simply use his name Jeff Lemon Family Dentistry, as this would not be representative of the additional dentists that planned to join the practice. Using his initials J and L as the formation of the friendly face logo mark was a way to cleverly acknowledge his ownership without seeming too serious or overbearing. The name, mark and accompanying colors are relaxing, modern and fresh.



Consistency is the key to launching and presenting a brand. The Lemon Family Dental brand has a distinct voice and easy appeal designed to take the fear out of dentistry. Everything from the photography to the appointment cards, to the decor in their offices, is in alignment with the brand standards we created based on their vision of their practice.

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