Preserve a legacy. Build a future.

Tacoma Youth Chorus is a choral arts program for boys and girls, kindergarten through High School. On the eve of their 25th Anniversary, Tacoma Youth Chorus approached Percussive Design to redefine their brand within a modern context, while also acknowledging the history of their organization.

In their 25 years, Tacoma Youth Chorus grew to receive local and national acclaim. While it is respected for its musical excellence, the organization is more focused on the education and personal growth of its young singers. Before approaching Percussive Design, their brand and marketing projected their stature of professional musical excellence, but it lacked the enthusiastic spirit of its youthful members and overlooked the exceptional instructional value this organization offered to parents and their children.

To mark their 25th anniversary, Tacoma Youth Chorus was ready to embrace a new brand that more accurately reflected their mission and personality.


  • Messaging Identity and Branding
  • Collateral Design
  • Marketing Consulting


In discussion with the stakeholders at Tacoma Youth Chorus, they had three criteria: embrace their professional and musical integrity, appeal to all ages from ages 5-18 (and their parents), and remain faithful to their mission statement, “Lifting young hearts and voices through excellence in choral music.” Working directly with their artistic director and managing director, Percussive Design helped them identify the values that embody their organization as well as its personality.


  • Personal Growth
  • Emotion and with Feeling
  • Respect
  • Community
  • Fun and Playfulness
  • Identity



The brand aesthetics emphasize the value of “Fun and Playfulness.” Bright, energetic colors grab attention with youthful confidence. The display font is unapologetically bold with lots of personality. Its fun appearance makes Tacoma Youth Chorus stand out amongst stoic competitors. While being cheeky and playful, the colors and fonts are suited for all ages from Pre-K through 12th grade. Not so serious that it wouldn’t be suited for a 6 year old, but not that juvenile so an 18 year old would be comfortable rocking the look.





The logo mark has hidden symbolism. Along with the suggestion of a smile, the curved line also summons musical symbolism. In music notation, a curved line connecting two notes is called a “tie” which indicates that the two notes are to be played as one. Within the words “Youth” and “Chorus” are the words “You” and “Us.” Emphasizing these two words emphasizes the values of the individual and of the community. Connecting them with a tie indicates that the two values are to be joined together as one.



The Tacoma Youth Chorus voice is confident and friendly. It democratizes the choir by avoiding elitism and instead projecting a friendliness and of welcoming acceptance . Without sounding immature, the language is casual and fitting for a program for kids, not of mini-adults.

Find your rhythm. Keep moving.